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Electric S/Steel Drier-Dehydrator

Electric drier-dehydrator with 5 stackable and removable drying containers, adjustable thermostat to 70°C and turbo fan

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Technical Specifications

  • Suitable for drying fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms,
    fish, meat
  • Drying process keep food’s nutritional properties unaltered
  • Digital temperature setting with LCD display suitable for
    different food
  • 5 dry layers and one mesh screen for small pieces
  • Transparent plastic for layers and lid for easy checking the
    dehydrating process
  • Wide range temperature between 40 and 70°C with fan for
    even heat distribution
  • Time button to fix working time up to 36hours with automatic shut off
  • 350W

Packaging and Quantities

Product box size (LxHxW)

37x34,5x29,8 cm

Net product weight

3,8 Kg


Recommendations for use

Drying is a natural method of food preservation based on the elimination of water in food through evaporation. A dried product preserves its nutritional properties and organoleptic features intact for a long period of time. Dried foods are healthy foods. With the Sinotech drier-dehydrator, fast, safe drying is easy with the turbo fan that evenly distributes heat and speeds up the drying time. The 5 stackable and removable drying trays allow you to simultaneously dry various food products such as fruit, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, fish and meat; just cut them into pieces and arrange them on the trays. The Sinotech drier-dehydrator is also eco-friendly and economical because it has been designed to be highly energy efficient. A dried food product takes up as much as 80% less space so you can have seasonal fruit year-round!


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