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Sinotech product warranty

The equipment is covered by a sales WARRANTY for a period of two years from the date of purchase. The validity of the WARRANTY must always be proven by a tax document (receipt, stamp or invoice) and exclusively cover all the parts that were damaged at source as a result of a manufacturing defect.
The warranty does not cover:
- all those parts that have been accidentally broken or are subject to wear
- negligent use or maintenance
- failure to observe the equipment's operating instructions
- damage during transportation and all other forms of damage not directly attributable to the manufacturer.

The warranty does not cover incorrect usage nor professional usage. The equipment must be repaired/replaced exclusively by personnel authorised by the manufacturer; any mishandling by unauthorised personnel with render the WARRANTY null and void. Repairs/replacements are done free of charge at the manufacturer's headquarters within the warranty period found on the receipt, stamp or invoice. GDO Solution srl declines all liability for any damage that may directly or indirectly affect people, property or pets as a result of failure to comply with the instructions given in the handbook regarding installation, use and maintenance of the piece of equipment.

Should the product fail to meet with specifications, the end user should contact the manufacturer attaching the following documentation:
- Receipt, stamp or invoice.
- Proof that it is a defect that legislation classifies under the category of “compliance defect”.
- Proof that this defect can be attributed to the manufacturer.
Failure to produce the above will lead to a charge being made for the repair work.
The consumer remains, in any case, in possession of their rights in line with applicable national legislation governing the sale of consumer goods. This WARRANTY leaves these rights open. The producer is available to provide any kind of clarification.

IMPORTANT! Keep the handbook and tax document (receipt, stamp or invoice) in original copy. Should the equipment be faulty, contact the manufacturer. Always keep the handbook and tax document (receipt, stamp or invoice) on hand.

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